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About Our Team

At Life Dimensions we’re proud of our passionate and caring team of therapists. Learn a little more about us below and give us a call or book a session with one of us online. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients feel more relaxed, capable and empowered to be their best selves. We hope to see you soon!

Ilona Holland

Owner and Founder

Ilona was born with a passion for holistic wellness that developed into a lifelong mission. She is Owner and Founder of Life Dimensions by Ilona, a Holistic Wellness business built on trust expertise and professionalism. Certified in Europe and the USA in both Eastern and Western modalities, she takes care of your therapeutic holistic wellness needs and offers you a safe space to heal and restore.

Ashley Walker

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ashley graduated from the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University in 2014. She spent the first four years of her career in a chiropractor’s office providing massage to clients to enhance the efficacy of their chiropractic adjustments. In 2018 Ashley started working with Life Dimensions. She loves a good challenge and takes pride in helping others. She doesn’t consider what she does “working”, she is simply following her calling in life. Ashley’s style is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. Her focus is to work all the muscles connected with a client’s pain or discomfort to provide maximum relief and restore flexibility and range of motion. Ashley draws on a wide variety of modalities in her treatments and is highly trained in pregnancy massage and as a massaging doula.

Charla Jacob

Licensed Massage Therapist

Charla Jacob is a graduate of UCHA with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy as well as Certified in Cancer Massage and Comfort Touch. She offers sessions tailored to the individual wellness goals of her clients, with an emphasis on supporting the body’s natural healing methods. Charla specializes in pain relief, oncology and therapeutic massage. Intuitive in nature, she brings a calm relaxing energy that leaves you feeling wonderful!

Wendy Turner

Reiki Master

Wendy is a compassionate and empathetic Reiki practitioner dedicated to healing and holistic well being. She channels the healing energy of Reiki to help release blockage and promote inner harmony and deep relaxation. Through the channeling of the universal life force energy Wendy creates a serene and nurturing space for her clients to experience the transformative power of Reiki.